It was a Great Event!

Delaware’s first TCAPP Outreach event was held on Saturday, July 12th at the Ronald McDonald House in Wilmington, DE. Being summer, the time of vacations and Delaware being a smaller state, the turnout was small but was a great start of things to come. TCAPP kids Maura Grier and Dani Zimmerman along with sibling Tara Grier, assisted kids who were staying at the Ronald McDonald house with making Pillow Monsters. They also made extra pillows for the kids that were not able to attend the event and placed them in a basket for them to be able to grab on their way in or out. The girls quickly bonded and shared some medical stories but also common teen girl topics.   Even though it was just a simple craft activity, it felt like a huge accomplishment as like so many other TCAPP parents, there were so many days in the past we wonder if our children will ever feel well enough to be on the other side. It was a great day for blossoming friendships, spreading awareness, reaching milestones, and paying it forward.   If you live in Delaware or close to Delaware, we hope you will think about attending our next outreach event.