EDS Massachusetts/New England Support Group Recommendations of Doctors/Medical Contacts

This list is provided by our members to help create a broader network of EDS care in Massachusetts and around New England.  

* Please note:  The physicians named in this document have been recommended by various group members.  Not everyone has the same or positive experience.  In some cases, physicians receiving multiple, complex cases might reject or refuse treatment of multiple patients.  Please research the physicians recommended, and notify us (WSALMGCDJM@aol.com) if a doctor has been disrespectful, so that we can update the list, as situations change.  In addition, please know that neurosurgery is considered controversial with EDS in New England, as the surgeries do carry significant risk and some failures.  We recommend the physicians/surgeons with encouragement from members; however, there is no substitute for researching all physicians exhaustively.  

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