Sawyer's Shining Stars

"One Breath At A Time

One Moment At A Time

Every Moment Passes."

- Rachel Horcher

Rachel Has Always Dealt With Things Physical Leading Her To Become A Massage Therapist 15 Years Ago. When Sawyer Came Along And Started Showing Signs Of Pain, I Looked For Answers. Eventually When Sawyer Was 3.5 She Was Diagnosed With EDS Type 3 As Was I.  This Diagnosis Explained So Much.

I Had Taught Massage For A Total Of 10 Years And Had A Private Practice.  As We Have Been Learning, I Have Also Been Educating Myself by Taking Classes Continually To Find Ways To Help With Life And Pain For Sawyer. 

I Still Have Much To Learn, But Have Always Believed That The Right People And Resources For All Of Our Kids Can Change Their Lives. Services That Can Be Expensive And Fields Where It Is So Hard To Find People That Are Trained To Manage Our Needs Are Out There. But Some Families Simply Cannot Afford Them. This Is What I Hope To Change.

About 9 Months Ago As Sawyer Was In The Hospital, A Few Things Came Clear:

1) She Needs Hope. That Is Where Granting Wishes Came From. A Lot Of Our Kids Do Not Qualify For The Other Wish Granters And They Need This Hope. So We Decided We Wanted To Do This.

2) Kids Need Help. There Is A Huge Need For A Program Where People Can Access Pain Management Techniques And Resources Of All Kinds That Perhaps Are Not Accessible To Most.

We Believe We Can Make A Difference By Keeping Hope Alive And Improving Daily Life.

One Breath At A Time. One Moment At A Time. Every Moment Passes. You Have To Believe.  

This is What Sawyers Shining Stars Is All About. 

Please Help Us Grant Wishes And Provide Hope And Services For Kids In Need.  Donate To Sawyer's Shining Stars.